HCE Services

Conceptual System Design and Detailed Engineering.

Feasibility Studies and Project Reports.

Preparation of Layouts and Single line Diagrams

Equipment Sizing / Rating Calculations.

Preparation of Technical Specifications, Bid Evaluation, Assistance in Procurement and Tendering.

Budgetary Costing for the plant with all necessary drawings / documentation as per Financial Institutions and statutory requirements of NEC/TAC/IEEE/CEIG/CBIP.

Inspection of Electrical Equipments & Expediting

Supervision of Installation, Testing and Commissioning.

Planning and Scheduling for External & Internal Electrification works

System Design and design criteria covering the Power requirement, Power supply, Power distribution, plant earthling, lightning protection for the buildings.

Preparation of detailed drawings for the plant illumination including the lux levels

Fault level calculations and relay coordination/settings.

Technical support required submitting the application to the state electricity board for the power supply system/requirement.

Preparation of detailed specification and tender document and assistance for the evaluation of the bids received for the procurement of the following equipment.

Main receiving station including power transformers

Distribution transformers

HT and LT Switchboards

Motor Control Centers

Under ground and over head cables covering HT & LT cables

Control Cables

Lightning protection equipment

Power Factor Improvement Equipment

HT and LT Motors and associated control panels and drives

110V Battery and Battery Chargers

HT & LT Capacitor

Field mounting electrical equipment.

Plant Illumination and lighting.

Plant Earthing

Preparation of tender documents giving the specifications, General conditions of contract, special conditions of contract-etc and invite the bidders for finalizing the erection contractor.

Evaluate the bids received and prepare the comparative statement and assist M/s orient cement to select the contractor.

Participation in the meetings with the customer, equipment suppliers, and any other agencies involved in the project.

Review and Scrutinize the GA drawings, power and control schematics and design details for the equipment and to check conformity with technical specifications.

Review and scrutinize the layout and electrical engineering drawings showing general arrangement and fixing details for the following drawings.

Indoor/outdoor receiving stations

Preparation of single line diagrams

Main pant Sub-station

Load centers

Motor control stations

Main cable tunnels and Cable trenches

Cable routing details and clamp terminal diagrams

Cable scheduling/cable termination details

Field mounted electrical equipment

System and equipment earthling

Lightning protection of plant structures

Review and scrutinize the drawings for the submission to Electrical Inspectorate for substations.

Review and scrutinize the as built drawings incorporating the site instructions and submission of the same in soft copy.

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